Diet itself is more bearable

On the contrary, the most fatty sausages – such as chorizo ​​or sausage – will be restricted, as well as the sugars present in ice cream or in soft drinks. The intake of proteins will be divided into five meals, to control that the patient arrives with less hunger to each of them and the diet itself is more bearable.

In addition, the diets will be scheduled in a personalized manner Keto Burn Xtreme Review, depending on the characteristics of each person and also, as far as possible, attending to their personal tastes. Who does not like cheese will be changed to yogurt or vice versa.

The great chefs, from Girardet to Adriá through Redzepi, have been flirting with dietetic cuisine for years, albeit semi-consciously. The love of the green Keto Burn Xtreme Review, the phobia of fats and the search for balance have led to healthy and natural menus.

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