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Lifestyle Photography style

It was especially when finishing the architecture course, on a trip to England and thanks to an unconventional book about photography, when it really began to interest me. That I ended up taking pictures of food was only a matter of time, because it had always been a kitchen, so you could say that gastronomic photography is a bit the union of two of my passions.

To begin, we could define in a simple way Lifestyle Photography style (whose literal translation is lifestyle ) as the way to make a report, telling stories through different moments that happen within the daily life of people.

But this definition by itself, would be a bit simple, since the so-called Lifestyle style is mostly based on a documentary photography that mixes with lifestyle photographer Hong Kong, but always looking for the greatest expression and artistic composition in each image.

The success of this trend, not only remains in family reports, children or even wedding reports, but it is also coming to the world of advertising, where manufacturers want to show their products in action through their daily use. Every time we see it more in fashion advertising campaigns or in consumer goods, showing not only a product, but a lifestyle that you seem to get when buying these products.

When a photographer takes a photo session in a studio, he has everything under control. He has chosen the backgrounds, the accessories and the light, he even makes decisions about the clothes that the protagonists wear and the poses to be made. They control from the smile to the position of the body.

Through Lifestyle Photography, we seek to capture the life of the protagonists in an authentic way within their environment, just as it could happen on any day of their real life. And this can not be done, directing and encorseting people as if they were studio photographs. You should look for spontaneity and let things happen.